Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Complication of Two

When people are together happily they feel everything is nice and sweet; but when the two of them got into fight, they started to feel everything is shit and even people around them are bad.
What is this all about?

It is weird, really weird. 
It is true that someone you have to be cruel in this situation, I understand because I experienced before.  I admit that I'm not good in settling all this too and I wonder during my cruel time, is the same problem occur?  
I don't know because nobody tell me about this.  Some how I still think my situation is much easier to settle because it never begin, so it was just to prevent it to happen.  But in this case it is started and it has to be stopped and push a side.

Sounds weird huh?

I also don't know how to describe all this.  You will understand when you go through all this.  (I'm crapping.)

ps: knowing ignorance is knowledge, ignoring knowledge is stupid.

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