Wednesday, July 18, 2012

After 3 months Please

I don't know why I got the phobia of adding people into my facebook or giving them my blog link especially my colleagues.  Calvin asked me to give him about my blog today so he can follow.  He asked when I asked him whether I can update my blog in the office!  I really feel so regret of asking him such question until he wanna follow mine. >.<

I feel so weird when you meet them everyday and then you post lots of your own feeling in the blog and then he/she comes to read your blog!  Ah... I also don't know how to explain how I feel.  You know some people they tend to share your feeling where you post in public to everybody.  Sometimes you want some one see it but you don't want people to share so publicly.  Do you get what I mean?

Alright, then Calvin ask for my FB account so he can add me.  Now he is in my friend request list and waiting for my approval only.  WHY he didn't want to add me after 3 months?  Why now???! wtf.
Since Calvin's sis (Bi Juan) was my junior, and I so kepo cause I go to find them every time when I free.  I told her about this and she asked my blog link too!  wtf.  I made so many mistake today!  

I added Bi Juan not long ago after I work there but that's because she is my junior!  Plus there isn't any conflict cause she is not in the same department also.  Now someone is trying to threaten me that if I didn't approve his friend request, then my weekly report will remain unsigned.  Walao!
(But I know he is kidding la, he will never be that mean and cruel =p)

ps: hopefully non of them got my blog link yet.  If really got it already, I can see my dead day coming. wtf.

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