Saturday, July 14, 2012

McD Chicken Foldover

Finally got promotion on Foldover already.  Have you ever try Chicken Foldover from mcD?  I have tried and I like it so much.  
Buy 1 and get 1 free.  It is a superb promotion where you can now spend RM9.10 for 2 ala carte Chicken Foldover.  =D
Sis, mommy and I love this so we went to buy on 12 of July.  I think nobody use this coupon or I think there are very few of them notice this promotion because even the staff there also got no idea about this promotion where they have to ask their supervisor to confirm this promotion!

So we bought 3 chicken foldover and get another 3 free.  Funny thing is they gave us back our coupon after we pay for the amount.  Usually they will keep the coupon as proof that customer use this coupon to redeem the promotion and we got our coupon back.  Since they give, of course I take it back la, so I can use them again! =p  (I'm always this evil.)

Go right click on the picture and save the picture and then print out to get your own Chicken Foldover!  =D

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