Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zenith Hotel First Annual Dinner 2012

I should say I'm so so so lucky that the annual dinner is held when I am still working there as internship.  Oh of course that it would be super super great if I'm already work there for more than a year too.
Since I'm just so lucky and friends and colleagues asked me to go to enjoy, so I finally decided to go.  (I only can go to eat, I got no door gift or lucky draw because I'm just trainee there.)  I simply wear because I am lazy to find a suitable dress plus I do think that I'm just the extra staff there, so I shouldn't grab all the attention. =p
Simply grab a shirt and a pair of pants that I got online, I'm really lazy to find clothes for this event. :x  (I'm so fat!!!)
 Food we have during the night...  (I didn't eat much because of stomachache...)
Prizes of the night!  I really jealous to that person who got galaxy SIII!!!  I wanted the phone so much and I was so excited when I got to know that the phone is in the list of lucky draw!  But too bad that I wasn't in the list of being the lucky person because I wasn't allowed to have lucky draw!

I thought the whole event will be super grand and I really did look forward to the event, but somehow it disappointed me.  There are so many of them who wore nicely and there are also some of them who purposely rent custom and nice dress from out there just to attend to the event.  I can see they put lots of effort in this event!  Maybe they want to win the prize of the best dresser!  :x
My boss, (he doesn't allow me to put his picture or take his picture, so I ask for his picture of his back! XD) he is super funny guy but of course he is a very strict person too!  (I know I have to be super alert when I need to settle my 'homework') He is super humor and I can see that he is a good father. wtf.  I have been feeling jealous towards those who have superb daddy lately.  >.<
Anyway, he said I was so different with spectacles and without spectacles.  He even told me not to wear spec to work on the next day or else I will be kicked out from the office.  (wtf??)  He somemore said if I still go on with this look, I will become 'lou gu po'.  (meaning that I got no boyfriend or husband when I'm older)

This really make me wonder, do I really look so different when I am with spec and without spec?
It is still the same me!  (I drank! that's why my face is so red!)
Let me ss awhile. wtf.
I think that I'm good to be original, because I don't hope my friends or future partner get to know me because I'm sooooo 'pretty'. wtf.  I just want to be who am I, but of course if there is such event I am willing to make myself look gorgeous to attend the event!  Who doesn't want to be pretty to attend a event?

ps: happy pretty to me =p

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