Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me (2012)

Yo!  It is my birthday again! This year I'm celebrating my 18th birthday!  (cheat you one, but I don't want to grow older, so I claimed myself as 18 years old this year! =p)
Okay la, go find out yourselves my actual age.  Not going to expose my real age here.

As usual I have to go to work today.  An adult now which it is no longer school holiday to me on this day.  I'm not Agong or God where the government can make this day as public holiday so the whole Malaysia or the whole world can have holiday with me.  (I know is still early to dream now. #okay.jpg)  Still being the early bird in the office.  Walking around doing nothing while waiting for others to come. Of course not forget to fill up myself with some knowledge regarding my own company! *wink*

Colleagues are finally here and they asked me to go out together.  They mentioned about eating cake in Secret Recipe.  Since Secret Recipe is not operated yet, so they have breakfast at somewhere else while waiting.  I was curious why they wanted to go Secret Recipe in all sudden but very fast I could guess that they wanted to celebrate for me, but what I don't understand is how they could get my date of birth.  Anyway, we didn't end up celebrating in the morning but in the evening instead.  Jesslynn has flight to catch on the next morning so she went to KL in the evening and so she couldn't celebrate my birthday for me.  But of course, I'm pretty sure that she is the mastermind of all, cause she is the senior!  (I guess la... LoL)
And so, Hao and Sharon brought me to Secret Recipe!  I had Hi-Fibre Cheese Cake.  
Thanks to them! ;D

Supposedly we planned to have dinner outside tonight, but since bro has to sit for 2 papers tomorrow, so it would be better if the celebration can postpone to tomorrow night where bro can celebrate without worries.  Anyway, I don't mind actually cause mommy, bro and sis already wished me!  That's more than enough. =)

Daddy gave me RM100 DiGi reloads and bracelet!  
Guess I look more like a lady after wearing a bracelet and you can hear me walking near to you because the bracelet has mini bell on it.  Please don't annoyed that cause I just want to have your attention with this.  wtf!  
Lovely isn't it?!

HY gave me homemade cake!  That's so nice of her and she finally made one for me which I always nag her to make one for me.  
Can you see it's a 'love' shape?  Don't think too much, we are not lesbian! wtf.  But of course the cake was made with love!  Who would simply make a cake to you if she or he doesn't love you?!  I only made cake once in my life till now that's for my mommy!  So I appreciate the cake she made so much!  ;)  So more purposely delivery for me leh!  How good is that!  *eyes full with tears...*

Joe called me and talked for more than 40 minutes until my phone battery almost dry!  wtf!  
To Joe: eh, call me on your birthday, so I can wish you 'Happy Birthday' and talk to you for another 40 minutes.  (He has plenty of call credits, so don't have to worry for him =p)

It was great birthday after all!  Facebook has become the easiest media of all connecting people all around the world so they can wish me today!  This year and as usual, I got more than 90 friends wished me!  Can you feel that?  Love is every where!  *touched*

Speaking about next year, I wish I would be super busy until I don't remember that the date of my birthday!  I think it would be awesome when we have something to do isn't it?!  Of course, it I don't remember this day of my birthday then I don't think I would remember that this is some others birthday which they have the same birth day and month as mine.  (just crapping around)

Last but not least, the most importantly, thanks to mommy who brought me here.  Without her, I am nothing. =D
Let's thank her instead of wishing me! =)

ps: Thanks mommy.  Happy Birthday Cai Yi.

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