Friday, December 21, 2012

I'm Still Alive!

Remember the movie called 2012?  Yeah, I guess people started to freak out or 'believe' the existence of the rumors.  It was a nice movie, which the true side of humans behavior, selfishness had shown in the movie.  People were fighting to get into the Submarine-ship.  Just imagine that the whole world consists of how many people but the ships were only enough for only less than a quarter people.  

After the movie was on screened, newspapers were publishing information saying that the Mayan predicted that 21 Dec 2012 will be the end of the world.  Funny right, that time that was the trend that everybody was discussing about this.  Saw a news lately saying that a girl was trying to build her own ship arc so she would survive on the day.  I was like O.o, what the hell?
I believe that the world would end one day, but before the world is going to end, the scientist or at least NAZA will able to predict!  We are living in super high technology world, dude!  Gosh!...  

Even if the world is really going to end, what else can we do?  Run to survive?  Do you think people like us will able to get into the 'Submarine-ship'?  I'm in Malaysia, I don't even know how to start the engine of an air-plane to bring myself to China!  I can only stay at home, hug mommy, bro, sis and my dog, and die together. fml.

Hello World, I'm still ALIVE!

So, who did silly thing last night? =p

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