Thursday, December 13, 2012

Another Awesome Date 12.12.12

I didn't start to compose this post yesterday (12.12.12) because I don't know what will happen until the last minute on the special date!  AND unfortunately nothing special happen.  LoL!

Last year, we had 11.11.11 which I think I considered lucky because I got to go through this awesome date.  That time you can see there were so many couples chose to get married or registered on that day.  Well, same goes to this year, there are so many couples choose to register and get married on this special date.
Reading today's newspaper, only I realized that 12.12.12 is the meaning of 'loving you, loving you, loving you' (爱你,爱你,爱你).  I really don't know why 12.12.12 would bring that meaning.  ^^"

And so since the date is so awesome, so I want to make a breakthrough.  I did some breakthrough eventually on this 'loving you' date. wtf.  I wore dress to work.  A dress which I bought 4, 5 years ago and I only got to wear once before this.  (If you know me well, you know exactly that I don't really wear skirt or dress)  You can only imagine about this because I didn't capture any of the picture.  (I want to pretend that I'm too busy due to no Internet connection when I was out there outside from the office)
Another breakthrough is that I did something that I should have made earlier (I think), and of course my colleagues didn't force me to do that but I myself who requested it.  Started the telemarketing and which I don't think it is really successful although I managed to make an appointment.  (well, practice make perfect!)

The feeling of me working here is totally different from the feeling of mine working in the precious company where I had my internship there.  It is true that people I met here and there are all nice and they treated me well too but I get more freedom here which I like the most.

Recently I realized that friends from the past (I mean here those who seldom meet or used to contact in the pass few months) didn't really come to find me anymore.  Either I'm too busy or they are too busy.  Sigh, facing friendship problem which causing me boring all the time.  Maybe I should just watch drama whole day and sleep on weekend.  I need to do more exercise!  Gosh, it has been awhile since the last time to go out to breath some fresh air and trained my stamina.  Working inside the office really will cause sickness.  Duh...

Will update again soon regarding the weekend that I am going to go through soon this week.  ;)

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