Monday, December 3, 2012

First Day of Fighting

Finally I'm in the working era.  This time is the official one, no more special 'discount' like I had in the previous company when I was trainee.  (discount like no working extra time, no standby mode)  Now I have to do everything ALL BY MYSELF!  

I don't think I should expose where I am working now or which company that I'm working now, just to be secrety so you all would feel curious. wtf.  Anyway, I went so early like I always do (paranoid. wtf), waited there for around 15 minutes but since I was early so I assumed that they come exactly at 8.30am.  But when the time passed 8.30am, I called the manager!  I know I'm too brave and it is not a good thing. wtf.  Pity Jesslyn has to skip her breakfast just to open the door for me.  Sorry... ^^"
Anyway, tomorrow I think I'm the one who going to open the door myself or I might be late.  Cause first of all, I have the door key already and secondly I need to get myself an EPF account.  (don't laugh at me at that la!  I know I'm so noob. wtf)

Alright, let's talk about attire.  I thought sales should be something formal like I saw in the previous company where they were blouse with blazer.  So I think I should where long sleeves blouse and a pair of formal pants, of course not forget to tie up my hair because I remember last time Kak Noor mentioned me to tie up my hair to look professional (corporate la..).  
For those who know how I look or what I wear during my convocation, then you can imagine how I look like today.  I wore exactly the same clothes like that day.
I wore something like this:
But the ladies there wore something like this today:
They all wear those fashion fashion dress one!  Walao!  I really looked so noob lo today. wtf.  Some more they are pretty one definitely match with those attire la... I look so ugly and so fat.  Damn!
Guess now I will become like those ladies out there, spending time in the morning searching the whole wardrobe and still don't know what I should wear.  

I heard end of the month, there will be annual dinner in KL!  They said I will be going along (I also not very sure about this)!  Anyway, why am I so lucky because I got to go for annual dinner last time in the previous company although I only a trainee there and this time I get to go for the annual dinner also!  I only here for only a day leh!  Damn!  I'm so lucky!!!

Colleagues are so good there especially, all of us have our own discipline where we handle our time management ourselves.  From the 'experience' of the first day, I think I finally found the working environment that I want where I got lots of freedom!  Er, but I am not sure after a month what I will be thinking by then.  LoL!  But for now what I know is I must do the best so I can achieve what I want currently.

Kay la, tomorrow I have to wake up super early, so I must sleep now.  
Good night.

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