Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cheated Everybody & ...

Looking back at the previous post, I feel like I had cheat most of them people who read my blog. wtf.  The whole sentences were actually given by someone who named Lynn.  I told her about my feeling the other day then she wrote me this.  
Said her that I can start to write something like novel about my feeling already. wtf.  Then she came out with the sentence.  

Went for night movie on Friday night.  HY was always the first person came out in my mind when I want to watch movie.  Then I will text her for movie.  So I consider her as my only 'movie kaki'.  You might wondering why I don't watch movie with bro or sis.  Bro has his own gang of friends who also always ask him out for movie while sis's emotion always in the uncontrollable mode, so I rather don't ask her out unless mommy is interested in that movie too.  So and so she become the only 'movie kaki' of mine.  #foreveralone

Guess it would be the last movie we watched together for this year.  Wreck-it Ralph!
A touching movie, especially the end when Ralph chose to sacrifice himself to save Vanellope!  I think it is super touch la cause will you willing to sacrifice your life to save a person who you only know him/her for that few hours?  I don't think I would do that.  (Opps, forget that I'm cold-blooded.)

Another thing is, I realized that Kuantan doesn't have comfortable place for yam cha.  Either the place is too noisy or the place close very early at night.  So after the movie we didn't manage to go for yam cha (which it would be the last yam cha for this year too!) and straight away go home.  I really don't know how I gonna survive without movie for the next don't know how many months.  I know some of you might say that I survived when I was studying in Labuan where there are no cinema!  I know I know!  but the different is there got no cinema for me to watch movie but Kuantan does have cinema for me to watch movie!  How can I refuse to watch movie when there is super nice movie screening in the cinema?


ps: vacancy for the post of 'movie kaki' replacement (without salary or pay or any in return), anyone?  LoL

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