Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hello December, bye bye November and I think I shall prepare farewell party for 2012.  

Usually I would be super excited to welcome December because it reminds me of Christmas and snow.  Too bad I'm staying in hot country where there is no snow in Malaysia.  

The December of 2012 would be something special to me because this is the first month of me start to be a real adult as in I have to blend in the reality and work.  Working is always disaster to me where I find that working is something boring and preparation of wearing a mask on the face is a must.  That's why I hate to be a grown up but I know this is impossible because I'm a healthy person.

Other than that, school holidays are always fall in December and I got to travel around especially to Singapore almost every December and celebrate my birthday there if the date match.  But I don't think there will be the chance after this until I am stable in my career.  I always remember the scene of fake snow 'dropping' from the 'sky'.  For me, that was snow!  

So fast that left less than 30 days then we will be countdown in front of the laptop and shout Happy New Year together.  So those who made the 2012 new year resolution, have you fulfill what you had promised?  Not yet?  Don't worry, you still have less than 30 days to fulfill them. =)
Well, I don't have new year resolution but I wanted to go Singapore before 2012 ends, and I went.  So I'm satisfied.

Alright, I really got to sleep because I need to be well-prepared for my first day tomorrow!  =)

Good Night.

ps: did I mentioned that I had changed my hair colour? I like the colour by the way.  It is now Marshmallow Brown!

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