Sunday, December 16, 2012

Update For The Sake Of Update

Life isn't getting better after the awesome date (12.12.12), people were saying the doomsday is coming and there are also people saying that the doomsday will be on 21 on this month. (how many days left ah?)  Never mind, I still have to go on with my life and achieve what I want to achieve.

The other day, bro told me that Petronas has vacancy in management post, he asked me if I'm interested.  Seriously, I don't think or feel to change any job right now.  Yeah is true that I love the freedom of what I'm doing right now but that is only one of the reason for not to change my job.  The other reason is I haven't really get something on in the current job yet, I will only have my real work next year I guess.  Now is still the period for me to learn and adapt into the super stressful job scope. wtf.  So I would like to stick to what I'm doing now until I have something in there.  (I'm just trying to challenge myself la)

Last Saturday, we went to have dinner at Kuantan 'BBQ Plaza'.  There isn't any BBQ Plaza in Kuantan actually, the restaurant named Lila Wadi which they serve something like BBQ.  The famous food there isn't the BBQ but the Mango Cheese Cake there.
They are so delicious!  You must try out if you get the chance to go there.  The cake is even better than cake in Secret Recipe.  I swear!

And yeah, if you notice or stalk me in Facebook, you should notice that I had already went to have a hair cut.  From the super long hair until medium long hair.
Freaking love the hair right now, the hair is so smooth that I can feel that half of my hair has already chop off. wtf.  I'm now thinking to get gradient color for my hair after I got my first salary but the hair stylist said that gradient will make my hair become unhealthy.  Hurmp...
Never mind, now stick with what I have first, I still have plenty of time to do what I want soon in the future after the doomsday. wtf.

Talking about doomsday, what you going to do on that day?
(I heard someone said that he will hug his wife while waiting the end of the world but before that his wife will be wearing the wedding gown. wtf)

ps: life still move on!

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