Monday, December 10, 2012

12/10/2012 - Training

Before share what I had gone through today, wanna share the movie I watch last night first.  Yesterday went to watch movie, Rise of Guardian with friend.  
I thought the movie wouldn't be a nice one but surprisingly it came out with nice effect and I believe it would be super nice if you watch in 3D.  It is a nice legend that believed by children.  I wonder why I never asked to believe in all this when I was young.  I think it would be super nice if I really believe Santa is real.  

I had been told that there will be training for me (for every new employee) but we didn't know that today is the day!  So we were 2 hours late for the training and of course the training ended at around 7pm.  Fair enough.

Anyway, I feel lucky because I don't have to go through all the orientation like others did (in other company), at least the training I attended today was super and interesting!  At least it is something that I can use not only in my career but also in my daily life.  The training will last for three days and I am excited for it.  

Right, now I got another important thing to do.  I need to finish up my homework.  Good night!  

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