Monday, December 17, 2012

Act Weird

I think recently I have been acting weird.  I don't know why.  I don't know how you think but I think I changed.  I don't know whether is because of hormone imbalance or what.  

Reading that you can see that this is regarding myself again (which is quite boring if you are not interested in me. wtf), so my advice is if you are not interested in me, better don't continue reading or else you will find this post super annoying and boring.

Ah Hah!  I knew you care about me, that's why you chose to continue reading!  XD

Close friend who wiling to hang out with me were gone (not saying that he/she dies la. wtf), they have gone to other place to work which they don't really come back to Kuantan that often.  Aih, when people are grown up, we tend to leave each other to find our happiness, wealth and career.  LIFE.
And so I don't have much entertainment in the weekend except going out movie or shopping with family.  I know that some of them might think that I should feel glad because I still have the chance to hang out with my family.  Most of them can hardly spend their time with their family because they work so far away.  wtf.  Humans never satisfy with what we have.  :( 

It is not about hanging out actually, it is about I got nobody to talk with!  I don't really tell my love life matters with my family because I don't want them to know until everything is settled down.  (Eh, don't misunderstand I got no love life now and nothing to be settled down )  Sometimes I want to have someone to talk with like as in chatting nonsense and crap for like whole night gossiping around.  This was what I did during University life!  Why this 'entertainment' has to disappear when we started to work?  

Yeah, not to admit that I have already fed-up and tired of taking the initiative every time when I am boring.  And yeah I understand that I am the one who need help so I am the one who should take the initiative.  Sometimes the problem is even after I took the initiative to find friends to chat but they don't really want to bother me.  Sigh.  #foreveralone
Maybe it is actually my own problem where they actually don't really like me.  wtf

Nah... I'm just being paranoid after all, I guess...  Or maybe like what I said earlier, hormone imbalance make me heightened up every emotion, that's why I feel so down.  

Monday!  Let's make our Monday colourful!

ps:  Life still go on.

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