Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life Of Pi

Did I mention I have watch 'The Golden Couple' too?  It is a Malaysia movie so of course mommy would like to give support to Malaysia's movie.  =)  We heard that the movie supposedly screen in the month of August or September but don't know what happen internally, not because of the movie but because of the approval from the person in-charge (aih, you know la Malaysia), so apparently they just got screened in the cinema this month.  It is a comedy movie, so go watch if you want to laugh. =)

Then I watched this last night, Life of Pi.
At first I wanted to watch but bro said it would be another movie that is difficult to be understand like other movies directed by Ang Lee so I didn't ask anyone to watch until last night.  I heard lots of feedback from friends, some said okay only and some said nice, of course there are also some said the 3D effect is awesome.  LoL (you know who you are)  

It is true that Ang Lee's products are really unbelievable and profound, you might need to fully concentrate on the movie and its story line carefully to understand what the movie is delivering.  And of course, the 3D effect is really awesome and I jumped up when the tiger appeared in all sudden. wtf.
It is a super meaningful movie, really nice one only if you comment through the moral value and 3D effect from the movie because the story line is actually predictable.  I think I would like to read the book too to get more 'life philosophy' and wisdom.  

One more last thing, God made tiger carnivore so he has to eat meat, but God made us omnivore, then why need to be vegetarian?

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