Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Leong's Birthday

It was Leong's birthday on the 2nd of December.  Since it was weekend (Sunday), I got to work on the next day and we thought he had to go back to campus that day (which at the end he didn't wtf), so HY and I decided to have dinner on the 1st of December as a pre-celebration.

Decided to have dinner together at La Casa de Inn which the main chef of the bistro is an ang mo!  Before we told Leong about this we were struggling because we knew that the place is gonna be expensive and people like us (haven't get salary yet) but at the end we still went!  Leong's birthday ma and since we never eat before also!

 SS awhile with my own picture first. wtf!

 my burger steak!  (first steak ever!!!)
I think is nice and finally I understand why people choose to eat steak so much!  But hor, the portion is so big!  If you don't eat much like me, better share with your friend, cause I was so damn full until I was unable to finish up the last bite of my steak. wtf!  What a waste!

Price?  I think the price consider as normal, not that expensive also la.  Worth a try la, but I heard that we need to do reservation before we go there!  We didn't la, but it was so full when we were there!  So better do reservation before you want to go to avoid getting no chance of trying their food.  LoL!

Happy Belated Birthday Leong~!

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