Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tiring Of Onlining Outside

Forget to correct the info about previous post, we can now apply streamyx in our room as long as the room that we are staying is now permanent.

The Streamyx application hasn't here yet, so now I have to online in Megalab, library and podium.  Taking my big heavy laptop which without battery walking around to online and this really make me sick...
I'm now lazy to go library to online every night to online because my room got no fan and I don't want to sleep in sweat!  So you will be seldom seeing me online at night unless I'm using internet in my room~

Yesterday syn wei told me that the fan was fix and it turns already, but too bad last night was so cold and the fan make lots of noise, so I suggested to off it.  Who knows that this morning the fan not functioning again! wtf!!!! @#%&$#&
Although the fan was functioning for one night, but I didn't even got the chance to use it when I feel I want to use it!!!

Last night we had manicure party in Senior's room.  From around 8.30pm until 11.00pm...  Really a long time, but we really do enjoy the time and Senior's room was full of people and you will hardly walk in there because everybody was sitting on the floor.  And I finally get my green fingernails~ ^^

Okayh, I think I have to chiao first, want to go to have my lunch... I think boil eggs can be my lunch today. ^^

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