Sunday, July 11, 2010

Juniors' Closing Ceremony

Finally the orientation has finished!  I think all the juniors are thinking this when the ceremony is officially ended.
This year juniors are obviously lesser than my batch, maybe they already heard of the bad news that Labuan Campus is really sucks... L0L

My friends and I were very ke po... so we went to see the function...
We are too 38 but we didn't wear formal there (it is formal function) so we can only stand at the back.  Again I stand on the chair to see the performance...

The batik colour of this year is red colour, look like ang pau... but I can see the quality is really good, at least better than my batch de lo...
Juniors' bags are very nice too!!!
And most important thing is, they got umbrella leh!!! I really don't get it why our batch se kelian????  Why everything we get are so sucks and we have to suffer for 1 year and juniors now are being pampered????!!!!

I am still so fat!!! OMG!!!


All 3 8's people... L0l

The ceremony ended very early and I am really very jealous of that because we never been treated so well and I want to be pampered too la...  Last time all the night function that we went we have to stay until 11pm only can leave, but they ended at 10.30pm..


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