Friday, July 30, 2010

How Come Nobody Understands Me

This few days my emotion like playing roller coaster, up and down, up and down...
You will very curious how it feels like...
My emotion are so hyperactive until at the first minute you see my happy and chit chat happily but in the second minute I will feel no mood of talking at all...

Assignments and assessments are here now.
They are attacking me while I got no nice internet connection!
I really need internet connection to do my assignment.
Never realize that assignment for this semester is that rely on internet.
It seems like all the lecturers had pakat to each other to post everything thru the internet to pass the message around!
And we have to check the website everytime before we prepare to each class.
So that we will never be the white mouse, reach the main building ny realize that there is no class at all...

Assignment already drive me crazy, then books pulak...
Got no idea why this semester need to buy so many books and all the lecturer make it compulsory.
If we got no book then we can't really understand what the lecturer is talking about during class.
Then the trip on September.
I got a very bad feeling about that.
I feel that if I go I will never really enjoy during the trip and this really drive me crazy!
The cost that need to spend for the trip is around RM600++
I didn't worry about the money but I worry when I can't get to enjoy and I scared I will emo for the whole trip and wasted the money nia....

What should I do??
Can someone please give some advises?


  1. frankly speaking, u should change ur attitude lo. dun always so emo.

    like now... u not even go for this trip, but u already think that YOU WILL EMO. then how u enjoy urself there?

    i always have this mind that must try to enjoy every moments in university, after graduate, u got no chance.
    try remind urself always.

    wish u can njoy ur every moments later la.

  2. I know that this might be the only chance i go for holiday trio like this... that's why i will think alot...
    and that's why i will scare if i cant really enjoy very much...

  3. wat r u thinking actually?
    the trip oso nt yt start but u oledy worrying... wat is the point?
    any problem then jux say out lo..
    U never say out ur problem then how can u expect ppl to understand u?