Friday, July 23, 2010

Room War

This morning when I got up from my good night sleep, I went to continue my notes of statistics.  Suddenly I turned my head to Syn Wei's laptop, guess what I saw?  I saw COCKROACH!!!!
the ugly cockroach is at Syn Wei's laptop!!!!!!!!!!

the stupid ugly cockroach was so dare to come in our room!!!!!
I was wondering to wake Syn Wei up or not but at the end I didn't wake her up because she can't help me anything and she will just scream nia...  But I wake her up cause the cockroach went into her bag liao... =.=
when I told her, she got big shock!
her look was like sooooooooo 'kua zhang'!

then Syn Wei can't sleep already, so she went to bath and I continue with my notes.  Then I saw the cockroach went out again!
I brought out my DETOL spray to spray it!!!
I got a huge war with the stupid cockroach!! from the floor to the chair then from the chair to the bed and lastly to the cupboard....

Finally I won the war and Syn Wei had to clean the dead body...
*evil laugh*
I killed it then she clean it lo....
fair enough, some more can train her to face those 6 legs creatures~

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