Monday, July 5, 2010

All About UMSKAL

All this happen few days ago when I reach this island!
We are now staying in Semi Detached which located behind girls hostel block Beta 1, 2, and 3. 
Before that I was staying along in Victoria Hotel alone on 3rd until Syn Wei is here then she stayed with me in Victoria Hotel on 4th.  Oh ya, forget to mention about one thing, on 3rd when I was on the way (by flight) back to Labuan, I saw my lecturer who seated behind me, Mr. Yuzreen.  By the way, I can't believe that he recognize me!  He even mentioned my name in his blog!!! HAHAHA!!!

Let you see this first:
Do you ever see this kind of lift???  I didn't in real life until last 2 days when I went to Victoria Hotel!  This kind of lift really very old liao!

Then while we (Syn Wei and I) were in the room, I realize one thing...
Syn Wei is too LONG to touch my laptop! 
The story begin like this:  I asked Syn Wei not to kick my laptop away since she was going to sleep, then when she lied down, she herself realize that her leg can't even touch the laptop so she told me not to worry because she is not LONG enough to kick the laptop away...

Now let me show you how's the room that I am staying:

this is the living room of the Semi Detached
do you see the air cond?  We are now staying in air-cond room~ wahahahaha

Ok, now let you see the changes of renovation.
this is girls hostel, do you see there are fences surrounded our hostel!  (macam penjara saja)

I took this in the main campus, big changes huh??

almost forget to mention that those old tilams are removed!  and we saw this in the car park in the campus...
which mean most probably we can get new tilam~ ^^

Guess just this for now, don't worry cause will update again soon. 


  1. lidat hw on9 in menara huh since put sofa instead of d chairs we sat last time?

  2. seem like nt bad wo..
    am i rite??=p

  3. gosh the sofa's at podium is pathetic!...where we going to study??...!

  4. Esywara, that's just one side of it... another side is still remain the same