Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sad Sad Sad!!!!!!!

I really very sad and fed-up with the system in UMSKAL!  Told you that I have move into semi-detached when I reach campus, then yesterday they moved us into Beta 10!
I was very pek cek and cry for many times already honestly...

This is too much and there are so many rumors around! Even those who are staying in the campus also got no idea whether those rumors are right or wrong!
Today we were asked to move into Beta 1 and I thought it will be permanent and I will stay here until next year!  Poor thing is the fan in my room is not functioning!  Really feel pity on my own... T__T
Again, I get news from friends that we are going to move soon because this is also temporary for us.
I'm really sad about this because this is really very cruel of them, asking us to move around and carrying our luggage in and out, up and down.
Maybe they think that we have super power to carry those heavy luggage or they think we are too free to move here and there?!

And then I heard that the Deputy Prime Minister is coming to Labuan campus and have a look on our facilities and the whole campus, and they are trying to make our campus look nice so that the officers won't get any 'punishment' from the Deputy Prime Minister.  Some of them even mention that the workers started their job few weeks ago right after they got the news and the Deputy Prime Minister will come on 27th of July.  What I hope is this is true so that we can have super nice days after that!

Now all the juniors are very lucky because they have the best treatment from the campus, they said that the officers do not want to have any complaint from juniors so the juniors will be pampered and seniors will be tortured!  This is really ridiculous...

When I can get my lovely life back?

Oh ya, forget to mention that there is a bird died in our living room...
I think it dies because of the fan... I think when the birds are flying, it hit the fan which the fan was still on!
Poor little bird... I don't dare to pick it up....

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