Friday, July 16, 2010


I woke up late than usual today because I was tired due to the meeting day before.
I slept less than 7 hours leh... plus I got nightmares last night and cause I didn't have good night sleep...
I dreamt that mummy got shot by bullet!!!
That was really scary lo!!!

Then today's accounting class lecturer didn't turn up at the end.  I was the first who think that there will be no class once I step into the class (I got six sense ma)...  Mana tau really got no class, so I use this precious time to blogging here.

While I was onlining in the main building, juniors came to ask about buying second hand books.  So I suddenly become famous pulak... (I'm really very low profile liao, I also don't want to be too famous de T__T)  Then suddenly got one of the junior ask me something and the conversation sounds like this:

Junior: Erm...采亿你是2nd Year的吗?

采亿: 是呀...
Junior: 那你认识 Lee Chai Fong 吗?
After that there was a big laugh because Chai Fong was sitting right beside me and the junior is looking for her!!!  I was very pity because Chai Fong keep bully me by pushing me when I pointed to her when the junior was looking for her.

Oh ya, one more last thing, my fan's room is finally done!!!
I was so rush just now, rushing here and there until I feel very hungry now...
I wanted to eat, but have to wait '表姐夫' to finish his class so that we can go eat together.

*praying so hard so that he can come out fast fast!!!*

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