Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Don't Like To Move Here And There

I have been staying in Semi-Detached for 2 nights.  Yesterday I heard news and rumors from every where about we are going to move out from Semi-Detached very very soon!  So we decided to go to the office to ask to make sure about this.

So all the rumors that have been spread out are half correct and the true is:

  1. those who are staying in semi-detached have to move into hostel by today evening or tomorrow morning (before juniors coming in)
  2. the room that we going to stay in hostel will be temporary only and we have to move back to our own room which fix by Beta Office.
  3. they are still not sure how long we have to stay in temporary room.
  4. all seniors no matter boys or girls, all have to stay in the hostel in campus, which means 2nd year seniors and 3rd year seniors who are supposedly stay in Mutiara will have to move into Beta for temporary.
  5. female juniors are very lucky this year cause they will stay in Mutiara for temporary as there got good facilities and water supple and male juniors will be staying in Semi-Detached.
  6. for seniors we can simply choose which room to stay except for single room and now they are only open for Beta 10.
Guess this is all the things that I think now you all want to know very eagerly.   Well, I wish to stay in Semi-Detached until the permanent room is ready although I know this is impossible...
I think the above details are correct if I didn't miss anything la...
But I hope all of you don't simply listen to the rumors that don't know who spread them around until all become fear to back to campus.
I think that's all for now....


  1. Can't believe that now, your blog is like one of those ultimate, reliable, THE ONLY resources that I could have to gain some information on what's happening around KAL, lately. Good updates!!!