Wednesday, July 14, 2010

YuJun Asked Me To Update

I got lots of thing to update but I got no mood to do so, when I have the mood to do so de time, I don't have internet connection!
So now since Yu Jun keep asking me to update, then I think I shall update some...

The room that I'm staying now got lots of ants, especially my desk!!!
I got no idea why there are so many ants in our room
But I think the room memang got lots of ants de gua....

Then I keep telling my friend that my laptop is too sweet until ants come to visit.. L0L
But some of them said because I eat infront of my laptop and my laptop is too dirty....

I called daddy up (since he is the one who gave me this laptop)
He asked me to put under the sun.
Guess what came out in my mind?
my laptop need to have SUN BATHE...

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