Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hot Weather Make Me Bad

The weather is really hot and I don't think anybody will like this.
PLUS my room got no fan, so I'm really desperately want to get out from my room to lepak at others room or sometime I will online at podium.

This is really cruel of the campus because they don't allow us to apply Streamyx in our room anymore!  They said there will be wireless in the whole building for us to online.  But in my opinion, I don't think this will really helping much since most of the students they know how to download and some of them watch PPS! (I don't download but I PPS)  This definitely will cause our connection become weak and at the end those who are not downloading or PPSing will be unable to online!

What should I do now???
The food in cafeteria are really sucks until I have to buy my own rice cooker to cook!

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