Sunday, July 3, 2011

2nd Day Of Working

It is second day already, the feeling of boring gone!
Guess why?  Cause I got to watch movie in the shop!
Thank God.
The boring-ness gone. =p

Looking at the customers especially female who pregnant, they are beautiful!  Seriously they are incredible because they able to bring a big 'basketball' on their waist!

Went to PC fair before I went to work, bought a new mouse and nothing else... >.<
It was so crowded!!!  Fuh...
I didn't buy any pendrive or harddisk at the end of the PC fair, but luckily bro's friend able to keep one 500GB harddisk for me.  Bro is so nice to me and help me to pay first since I haven't get my salary yet.

Mama bought me dinner today.  Told her not to, but sis told me that she was unhappy when I say no need... Since she insists to bring dinner for me, so I took it.  I know she worried about me and scare that I didn't have dinner to eat.

I felt lots of love today!
Today should be Love Day!!!

p/s: finally make my spectacles already, waiting them ask me to go and take.
p/s: saw those pregnant mummy... suddenly got the strong feeling to become a mother also... >.<

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