Sunday, July 10, 2011

7th & 8th Day Of Work

I supposedly go work at 6pm on Friday but I didn't, I went there early and early around 3 hours.  I got no transport for 4pm shift, 6pm shift is like gonna face traffic jam, so I went at 2.30pm.
Super early...
But since I already used to the environment there and I can do anything I like there when I free, so I went early... (I go there early, I also can get my money de)

Usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday there will be an event there and this week I think is about children.  They played kids' songs on Friday, kinda missing my childhood.
I got no idea I didn't sing and listen to the kids' songs for how long already.
While doing my stuff, I listen to the music...
No movie for Friday as my colleague didn't bring her laptop, so I just read my comic when I free.

Since someone is going back to KL as he got work to do in KL, so he treat me lunch.  (He promised to... =p)
I wanted to go Black Pearl (steakhouse) but mama said don't be greedy as someone is still young got not much money, so at the end went to eat GCB only.
Since I wanted to eat again once I got back from Labuan and to safe someone's vitamin M, so went for this. =))
I wanted to eat in the restaurant, but it was too crowded.  Guess where we went? We went Taman Gelora. >.<|||  (Taman Gelora is a place that people jog and exercise)
Took our food and go under the shade and eat there.  Sound like picnic right... 
Oh ya, forget to mention that I met a friend before we went to buy McD.  I met him once before this, but surprising me is he still remember my name!  I called my name and guess what I replied him?  "Er... who are you?"
Haha, I'm really sorry... I didn't really expect to meet you anywhere as we don't know each other very well.  =p

Got to work after that.  Yesterday was kinda busy.  
Once I reach the shop, there were stocks that just arrived.  I have to help them to check stock and iron the shirts.  And there are lots of customers keep coming in, I didn't get the chance to sit down for 2 hours!  Oh man... Damn tired...
I didn't eat proper dinner last night as I was still very full with GCB! @@  Just bought a piece of cake.  

But after work I went yamcha and ate spaghetti.  Damn!  I ordered the wrong food, it was super spicy!  
Okayh, the picture above is the present I got from someone.  I don't think it is nice at first, but after I come back home and have a closer look at it, it is really cute!  Haha.  (even my sis said so~)

p/s: everybody changed.  Did I change also?

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