Friday, July 1, 2011

1st July

July is here and this means that I have already wasted my precious time at home for a month!
Anyhow I still manage to reduce mama's work on helping her do all the housework.  She doesn't have to worry about what bro and sis eat for lunch and dinner.
And this make me turn to me housewife where now my friends are calling me as 'si lai' (师奶)...

Helping mama in cooking make me learn a lot of recipe, started to cook something that I never try before and I found out that cooking is interesting! Guess bro and sis do have good days when I am still in Kuantan.  After this I bet they gonna miss me, especially my food!

Tomorrow will be my first day of working.  Part-time job.  Seriously part-time, only for 12 days and within this 12 days I only have to work for 48 hours.
I don't know how I gonna stay in a small shop for that long...  Saturday and Sunday I will have to stay there for 6 hours...

Guess I will have to start to countdown for the working period...

p/s: thinking positive way --> I can know new friends... @@

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