Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last Day Of Work

Guess I will just skipped my 9th, 10th and 11th day of work and straight away concentrate on my last day of work.
(I know I'm lazy and nothing to say about!)

I was so excited with my last day of staying in the mall doing nothing.  LoL
Working in the mall really doesn't suit me because I got nothing to do there!  Seriously nothing because the manager doesn't allow us to bring laptop there!
Beside than laptop I really got no idea what can I do to reduce my boring-ness there.
I know you been asking how I watch movies when I was there as the manager doesn't allow us to bring laptop.  My colleague who brought the laptop there actually resigned and this is the last month she works there, so she doesn't care whether the manager gonna scold her or not, since she is just waiting time to pass until 31st of July.
Yupe, seriously I have to thank her because without her I really gonna get mad when I have to work for 12 hours.  Hahaha~

Now I'm officially free of work!  I can do anything I want~ woohoo!!!

p/s: I want to go KL...

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