Thursday, July 7, 2011

6th Day Of Work

Suddenly feel that time pass very fast.  Last Saturday I was still upset of accept this job, but now I don't feel that emo when I am about to go to work.

Monday and Wednesday I have to work for full time because one of the promoter have their holiday; Tuesday and Thursday I work at 6pm until 10pm because one of the promoter work until 6pm only; Friday, Saturday and Sunday supposedly I have to work at 4pm until 10pm but since my friend work at 6pm, so she asked me to work at 6pm on Friday too.  Since I can find more money just in that 2 hours and there is nothing I can do at home except from watching drama and online, so I decided to go work at 4pm tomorrow.

When I work with the young promoter only I got movie to watch, when I work with the older promoter I got lots of story to hear.  When they didn't 'entertain' me, I can do my own stuff!
It is the easiest job ever I guess, just I always complain complain and complain.  Furthermore, I don't have to do anything else beside serving the customers.
p/s: don't get jealous on others because you will never know what they actually gone through.

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