Saturday, July 16, 2011

Movie Marathon

I have been long time didn't watch movies in a day, I think the last time I did this was 2 years ago.  (If not mistaken...)
Since I might not around next weekend plus I didn't watch movie for 2 weeks already, so I went to watch 2 movies today!  And I watch Mr. Popper Penguins and Harry Potter.
If you ask me which of the movie above I prefer, I think I will answer you: Mr. Popper Penguins!
Because that movie is funny and most important thing I feel touch at the end of the story!
I don't want to talk much about Harry Potter, because some of them said nice and some of them said not nice as the story in the cinema is different from the story in the book, while friends are all give Mr. Popper Penguins good comments!

Oh ya, I wore my green color lens!  My friend said it doesn't suit to Asian (I knew about that) but I don't look ugly, just doesn't suit me... >.<
 with flash
 without flash
without flash (in front of light)
So what do you think?
I will never try any other color than black, gray and brown...  Other colors really suit my skin color, my hair color and obviously me!!!
Feel like wasted when I feel like throwing away this lens, but I don't know when to wear them again!

p/s: don't know who in the cinema laugh so loud! >.<
p/s: I like the ending of Mr. Popper Penguins because they finally get to stay together.
p/s: today ate a lot but done nothing.


  1. huah ur eyes so big! scary! @.@ i havent watch tha penguin show yet T.T