Wednesday, July 6, 2011

5th Day Of Work

5th day already, means I still have one week to go!  =D
Boredom never leave me alone, I still feel boring from the first day until now, but something changed.

I brought my comics and word puzzle there to spend my time with.
I chit chat with the other promoter there.

Yesterday I watched movie there since one of the promoter brought her laptop there.  You know la, watch dramas or movies are the best way to spend our time especially when we got nothing to do.
Today the promoter that usually brought her laptop is in holiday, so I got no movie to watch.  I chit chat with another promoter there.
From 10am we talked until 1pm, we talked about the same topic!  (powerful right, and most of the time I just nodded my head, she is the one who talk none-stop!)  I was hungry, so I went to buy lunch for myself.  After I had my lunch, we talked again!!!
Wow!  I never know that this topic can discuss for this long!  Hurmp... I know gossip is a very bad habit, but I'm not the one who start it!

Today didn't spend much time on comic but spent lots of time talk talk and talk.

p/s: sometimes just don't make things serious.

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