Friday, July 22, 2011

Trip To Ipoh

I wanted to go Ipoh so much, but I never been there before except when I visit grandpa and grandma there.  Because of family issue I didn't meet them for 7 years already.
7 years are really long period and I am not close to them already, nothing to talk to them.

Finally I got the chance to go Ipoh, but the reason of going there is not for holiday but to attend funeral.
My grandma passed away.
To be frankly, I got no strong feeling on this as I am not that close like last time, I used to close to her but not now.
Tears? I'm not cold-hearted, there definitely some tears on my face when I saw her lying down there with cold body.

I got no much feeling on that, I don't really feel sad but I treat that journey as a holiday for me.  We have to be vegetarian for that 3 days as respect but too bad I didn't really follow that. =p
Last time we didn't allow to wear colored shirt especially red and yellow, but this time they asked us to wear red when my grandma cremation.
Weird huh?
What I know is that death are all around us, you will never know who will die next second.
Just don't forget to tell your loves one how much you love them.

p/s: Ipoh really got lots of food!!!
p/s: Ipoh's weather is super hot!

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