Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Old Friend

I know that today is her birthday and Happy Birthday I wish here.  She called me and asked me to go to her house to have lunch together as her daddy made laksa!
I pretended nothing happen and I can hear that she sound disappointed! (gotcha!)

So I went her house with empty hands.  I didn't buy any present at all! I mean I don't even have time to prepare present and I'm so so so sorry about that.  (Tomorrow gonna do some replacement for that. )
I went there early as I promised and I met new friends.

I met 3 of them, aren't they cute?
Yeap, they are my new friends! I like Lady the most! (the third picture)
The dog in the second picture so scare of stranger, she doesn't dare to come near me and doesn't allow me to go near her.  But I managed to touch her at the end still she doesn't close to me yet.

After playing with doggies I had my lunch.  Let me tell you, the laksa of Uncle John made is awesome! Seriously they are healthier than laksa outside because of the less salty of the soup.  I really wish to have the chance to learn to make it but I am not sure whether I am going to have this opportunity or not.
(Ops, didn't take any pictures of the laksa, I should have do so...)

p/s: I didn't want to but I got no choice because I can't be that selfish.

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