Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Time

I know home is the best place to rest and relax, but recently I find I'm really boring at home.  I have my daily routine to do, but I couldn't find a thing that can make myself feel I'm useful!
It is difficult to understand my situation, because you might think that I can do all the housework when I am boring, or maybe you might think that at least I have something to do.


Some more last weekend I didn't go out anywhere to walk but staying at home beside went out to have our dinner, so make me feel like I have been staying at home since last Thursday! (Since I come back from Ipoh, I realize I didn't go out to have my happy hour...)

I love staying at home, but I dislike staying at home with no entertainment (entertainment here not including dramas and movies from laptop or television).  I need some fresh air to breath, I need to get out of the house to walk around.  I didn't ask for more, window shopping in the mall can satisfy me too!  But the poor thing is, mummy is busying with her work, and sister is going to have her examination next week, how I gonna ask them out?
Alright, I forgot about my brother, I did ask him out for movie, but mummy didn't seem happy with it, so end up didn't go for any movies or shopping for the whole week!  I only went supermarket with mummy to buy veges... o(╯□╰)o   Bro has his happy hour with his friends, you know la, guys usually are allowed to go out till late not like me.
Some more recently I got the feeling that my friends didn't really wanna go out with me (this is just what I feel), I feel that they need some one to accompany or no transport so they ask me out.  Super disappointed with this so I rather don't want to go out with them some more I don't mind to lose this kind of friend.

I wanted to update my blog with lots of wonderful stories but too bad that really nothing happen this whole week! Super boring.  Watching drama is the only entertainment for me.
But luckily just now when I suggested to mummy that I wanna go out to breath mall's 'fresh air', she got no special expression of not encourage me to go out.
Seriously hope I can go for shopping tomorrow...

p/s: I don't really like to shop during weekends as the mall will be people mountain people sea... I dislike crowded place...
p/s: A friend of mine keep saying that she is fat, make me feel like I'm obese already cause nobody say that she fat but I am the one who always been told that I seriously need to diet. =(

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