Tuesday, July 5, 2011

3rd Day Of Work

Countdown countdown!!!  Seriously hate this job but I still have to put my smile on my face everyday when I go for work!
Feeling like I am wasting my precious time just because of that money!  How can I betray myself with that?!

These 12 days gonna be like staying in hell, especially Monday and Wednesday.  I do nothing for that 12 hours! Like yesterday only got one success transaction, other customers came in and look around then went away already.
I went there punctual before 10am, then I help to clean the mirrors and door by wiping them with wet cloth.  (never know that I have to do all this... =.=)  Then bring out my book and start reading... (comic only la)
Alright, time from 10am until 2pm passed very fast, but after that, time pass slow like one minute is like one hour... @@|||

I don't use much energy there, planned to skip my lunch or dinner or just eat little bit.  (I brought some biscuit there)  Who knows mummy said if I don't eat proper meal, she gonna bring proper meal for me!  >.<
I don't want to trouble her because she is working!  So I have to buy food to eat even though I'm still not hungry...

I wish these 12 days can pass very fast so that I don't have to stay in air-cond room for so long time.  My lips gonna crack and my skin become very dry dy...

p/s: babies are cute!!!

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