Monday, December 26, 2011


Patient is very important no matter in what kind of situation.  
An impatient person can cause a good thing become a bad thing, while a patient person can turn a bad thing become a good thing.

With patient, you can be a good cook.
With patient, sometimes you can get more information compare with those who impatient.  

I am not a patient person, when I want a thing, I will get myself one immediately if I afford to.  Most of the time I will regret towards things that I got immediately, so it is good if there are some troubles that force me to wait to get things I want, because I will appreciate them more.

You have to be patient to listen friend's complain
You have to be patient to make a friend happy
You have to be patient to people who is angry

I have to be more patient in everything.  Seriously patient is a very good habit...

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