Thursday, December 15, 2011

FYP Presentation 1

Finally the presentation of FYP 1 has gone!  I really do feel relief after the presentation!  Thank God!!!
I'm not a good presentor, I can't really present well infront of everybody, my legs will be shaking when I have to do presentation.  (I hate presentation the most)
Somehow, we still have to be smart and confident looking!  We took this before the presentation~!

Well, presentation is part of our assignment in University life, we can't graduate without presenting.  I still have to present although I afraid to.  Today I have to stand inside the seminar room, and present to the examiners about my FYP (Final Year Project).  I know, seniors will say this is only a small matter because you will face a bigger one when you start to work.  I know I know...  I really know.  The problem is I still scare of the presentation, this is my weakness.  I know I have to overcome this but the problem is the feeling still come and I can't stop myself to feel that way.
Fortunately, we didn't screw up out presentation.  The funny thing in the presentation is the word 'production'.  I don't know why I can't pronounce it properly during my presentation just now.  Hahaha, I pronounced it as 'Prodution' for 3 times!!!!!!!!  Gosh, embrassing!!!

Friends and my supervisor said we presented well and with confident, but I don't feel I presented well because I can feel the nervous in my heart.  I really have to admit that I was shaking very seriously when I started the presentation, but when the examiners asked questions, I feel so calm!  I don't feel scare at that time, maybe because I already used to the environment.
Although we didn't got shot in the presentation, but the examiners did give us some advice to improvise our system, now I got the feeling of our system is so difficult and have to put more effort and pray hard hard for our FYP 2.

Guys, it is not the end yet!  We still have FYP 2!!!  But before we start, let's relax!!! *troll face*

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