Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I know I am Evil

Alright, finally I can blog again.  Examination timetable has finally out and I am quite satisfy with the current timetable of our examination.  

5/1/2011 - Data Structure
6/1/2011 - Security and Payment in E-commerce
10/1/2011 - Management Information System
12/1/2011 - Web Programming
19/1/2011 - System Analysis and Design
20/1/2011 - Cyber Law

I'm so so satisfy with my current exam schedule that I don't have to rush for any of the paper.  I love this schedule as I have enough time to study for each of the paper.  

Just now during SAAD class, my friend suggested to change the SAAD subject exam date to make it earlier so they can go back for Chinese New Year holiday earlier.  At first, they want to make it to 16th or 17th, but since there are some seniors who don't want to have the exam on that day as they already very pack during that few days.  So they changed to 3rd of January which we will have to start our exam earlier!  
I'm super disagree with this because if SAAD subject make it to be that early, then it will be very pack on the first week already! NO WAY!!!

They have to get all the agreements from all students which means if one of us disagree of the suggestion, then they are not able to change the date but follow to the original date.  

p/s: honestly if they can change the date to 16th or 17th, it doesn't make much difference for me because I still have another paper on 20th.


  1. *like* so much!!!! I thought I'm the one who disagree with the schedule changing. XD