Sunday, December 4, 2011

December Month

It is December already, I never never have to go school or have any classes during December and this is the first time I have to rush for my assignment and go class everyday like usual in December!  December was my holiday and I loved that holiday as every year, December will always be school holiday and I don't have to worry about my assignments or homework because I would have done before the holiday starts.  Now I have to rush for my assignment here, far away from my home.

I don't feel the holiday mood because I'm not in holiday currently, the semester break of every University of Malaysia has already changed and this cause me stuck in this island for the whole December.  Maybe is time for me to know I'm no longer little girl that having holiday during December like others children do.  School holidays, celebrate Christmas, New Year and then back to school.  I have no holiday anymore once I graduate because there wouldn't be holiday for a month time if I am working unless I am unemployed, but I don't hope that to happen.

From now on, December is no longer a holiday month for me as it will be the last month of the year and nothing special on it.  December is going to be a month that I have to prepare to go to another new year, new month with a new target, new life.  I know it is really pity to become an adult, but this is life, we have to move forward but not staying at the same place doing the same thing.  

This December gonna be very busy month for me as I have lots of things to do such as FYP, mock interview, E-community report, and other assignments!!!  FYP is really driving me crazy!  Doing report is not big deal but doing the practical part is the difficult part!!!  I seriously don't understand why we still have so many of the assignments to do as we have such big problem to be solved.  This year really a tough year for me, stress and challenges that I have to face are so many and I believe they gonna make me stronger.
(Why are all the lecturers so cruel, gave us so many assignments to do... )

Alright, I should start my report already and stop blogging here.

p/s:  I miss my family... especially mummy and dong dong... =(

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