Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Eve

2011 has ended, soon 30 minutes left.
Have you prepared to welcome 2012???
Resolutions that you have made during 2011, have you fulfilled them???
How's your 2011???
Enjoy your 2011???
Do you have fun in your 2011???

I got no special feeling on the coming year 2012.  For me, it will be another year that gonna full of laughter and challenges.  I seldom celebrate New Year, but this is the first time I gonna pass my last night of the year 2011 in campus.  I know this is super lame, but not everybody able to pass the day like me! 

We have Bah Kut Teh on this day.  Self cooked bah kut teh.  It is not as delicious as hometown's bah kut teh, but at least it is better than bah kut teh here!  I put in lots of ingredients. =p  After the meal, we went to cafe to buy 'junk food'.  (we really ate a lot!)    Then dramas and movie.  I think we had our drama and movie too early already, that's why at 10pm, we started to feel boring and had the feeling of why the time passed so slow.  LoL

Then back to my house ans saw my housemate is going out to buy herself dinner, so I asked her to buy a can of drink.  
Guess this drink is going to accompany me until 12am, 2012.  
Mama they all now having barbecue, while I'm in front of my laptop blogging, facebooking and plurking.  So jealous!
Guys, when we going to make ourselves barbecue???

Gosh, thinking of food, now I feel like wanna eat something nice... @@

p/s:  I seriously can't live without food!

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