Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas's Eve's Eve

Don't get it?  Haha!  It means 2 days before Christmas! =p

Since everything is settled down, and we decided to have a good meal outside~
We have Italian food in Italian restaurant! =)
I like the food there especially the pizza! =D
 Food that we ordered, I like the pizza most! =)
Well, this is what I ordered.  I finally got to eat fish!!!!!!!!! =))

We spent an hour time for that meal, sitting there chit chatting and pictures too!!!
Debbie doesn't have to hide behind Lynn dy as her head still that big! LOL
*troll face*
Always this pose... Do you have any other pose???
The EPIC one!!!
the CUTE one!!!
I don't know why her eyes look so small that night!  Her eyes are freaking smalll!!!!
Yeap, 6 of us~ 
Just finished had our dinner...  
It gonna be second time to have dinner there, because I miss their pizza already!
My make up that night.  How does it look like?  Nice?  Hehe~
But I think I don't look like going for dinner!  I look like I'm going for clubbing!  =p
Too bad, I can't put on my lipstick....
Anyway, Happy Christmas Eve everyone!!! 


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