Friday, December 30, 2011

Death 死亡

Death is one of the must go through way in life.  Everybody dies one day, but nobody knows when he or she will die and nobody knows when himself or herself will die neither.  If one day, your beloved one is going to die, but you don't know when.  Thing that you very sure is he/she will die soon.  
What will you do?

I know this is a very unpractical question, who will think this kind of question as we haven't face any of the situation yet?  And I know this kind of question will only think by people who are too free, nothing to do as the mind is too free to think things and questions that are hypothetical questions.
But, just sit down and spend the freaking 5 minutes to think about the question.
What will you do?

A friend of mine was so sad when she thought her beloved one is going to leave her, but at the end she found out that that was just a mistake that her beloved one still alive.  The moment that she thought that person was gone, she cried like hell.  
I never know she would cry like that.
I never know she would cry like a baby, like a kid.
She never show that she is a tough person, but I never know she can't accept when things come worst.
She takes everything very serious.
Maybe that's why she can't handle her emotion when she has to face that kind of situation.

Another friend of mine (put her as B), she saw this situation too. B said since the friend will be so sad if her beloved one gone, she would prefer that the beloved one live longer until the friend can go back to see her although she will only go back during June, even though the beloved one will have to suffer.

Well, that's B thinking.  B thinks that B rather see the friend stay happily for this few months.

What do you think then?
Will you let your beloved one suffer or stay alive even longer because you love and want your beloved one to stay by your side even longer although he/she is suffering?

Seriously, there are many thinking for this.
For me, I would have psychological prepared and try not to be too sad because of the leaving.  At least, if he/she leave in peace.  All I want is that.

p/s:  Live is unpredictable.

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