Thursday, December 8, 2011

Say Happy Birthday To Me

Alright, let me tell you something before you start to read.  
This gonna be a very very long post and if you don't want to read this long post, better don't start read, or if you insist to read, then don't blame me for that.

3 days ago, was my birthday.  It wasn't a good timing as we got lots of assignment to rush plus I wasn't in the mood to celebrate without my family.  I never celebrate my birthday without my family because my birthday always fall on school holiday and since born, every December is always school holiday.  So I don't have to go school every year on my birthday.  Until now I'm in University.  I mean last year, the policy of the semester break changed and I have to stay in the campus even during December.  Now that I have to face on celebrating birthday alone or without family earlier because I know that I will never manage to celebrate birthday every year with my family once I step out to the social when I start working.

Since we have to rush for our FYP report which we have to hand in on 7th (yesterday) so I assumed that maybe we can have a late celebration which we just have to gather and have a nice meal out there when we are done with our assignments.  Plus we have to represent our Interface on my birthday, so I don't mind to have late celebration or no celebration at all cause I don't feel it is so special of my birthday without my family.  

In the morning, we went to find our supervisor for the representation and we did some discussion on our final report.  While waiting for him, since he had meeting to attend so our meet from 10am postponed to 10.30am.  Suddenly a friend of mine wanted to confirm with Syn Wei with the car rent at 2pm.  Once the friend said so, I already can guess that they gonna buy me a cake.  They told me that the need to use car at 2pm to fetch another friend back from town, but I really doubt it.  Even they really do have to fetch the friend back from town, I know they are going to buy me a cake.  Maybe because I'm too understand them already.  I can read their mind! XD

When I back to room and continue with my assignments, I know that they gonna bring in the cake anytime, because I remember I told them before that the thing I want most for my birthday is a birthday cake.  I believe they will bring me a birthday cake.

That evening, Di said she is coming to do assignment together, but after awhile she said she was still watching drama, and give me a pout face when I ask her stop watching drama as we knew that we can't finish our assignment if we didn't really use every second we had that day.  After she came, she came to my side and asked me to show her the Interface of my FYP and then she said she wanted to see the member's profile part.  I thought it was just normal, so I just clicked and showed her.  Guess what?  They had created a video for me.  The video is the wishes from my friends (some of the friends are not close friend la... lol... guess they really doesn't know who are my close friends when I am in Kuantan. XD)  and from my family!!! Too bad they didn't manage to find my dad to record the video also... @@ (I know isn't their fault as my sis said she forgot about my dad!)  The video can be perfect if it includes my besties and a full family members' wishes.  

Still, I appreciate what you did.  Just it wasn't my mood to celebrate because I hate to celebrate with bunches of assignments.  I can't really enjoy the whole celebration as I stuck with all the assignments!!!
Well, I still like the part of the video when it showed my dog and my family~

I want to say unlimited thanks to the organizers and also friends who record this video to me~
I never thought Hui Sam will get involve... Lol... because we never been in the same class before.  I thought friends like Harn Wei, Yi-Tsiang, Grace, Kee, Leong will involve.... @@
But nevermind, I still can feel the warm wishes from you guys. XD

Sorry I can't post the video as my family doesn't want to expose themselves in the Internet.  So I can only printscreen some of the video into my blog.  Video that from my family I can't printscreen... Sorry... I can only post pictures of Dong Dong~!
Thank you for everything guys!!! Di and Syn Wei, you both successfully make me cry.  I know that's your mission.  @@
 Do you ever see people cut their birthday cake by using a kitchen knife?  Hahahaha!!! I'm the one!!! XD
Thank you for the 2 organizers~ ^^
Thank you Abby (my roommate) for bringing the cake.  Thank you so much! 
Oh ya, almost forget wishes from the seniors.  Seniors who closed to me...
Shiang and Leng!
Thank you so much~ ^^
Guys, if you want to watch the video, come to find me, cause I can't post it into the web.  I can only share to my friends. =)

Thanks again although I know it would be a very late thank you.  I really appreciate all this and I will celebrate again after all the assignments end and before the study week starts.  I want to go out to have something nice to eat! =D

p/s: long post huh? Sorry... but I just want to share and thanks~

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