Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Winter Solstice

It is Winter Solstice again!!!  
Almost every year, I will celebrate this with popo.  She lives alone, so mummy will ask me to go back on this special day to accompany her and help her in preparing all the stuff that she used for praying.
Unfortunately, this year there is no holiday for me to go back home and celebrate with her.  (I miss her rice ball!)  I thought of ignoring this special day with rest and sleep, but I can't stand with the colourful rice ball that they posted in Facebook.  They make me missed home and I want to eat too!  (Food really make me crazy!)

Since someone is going out today, so I took the opportunity out to buy some rice powder and peanut.  I gonna make myself rice ball rather than just looking at the Facebook homepage, feeling jealous of them eating rice ball with family.  I can do this myself too! with my friends. =)

I'm so proud of myself because this is the first time ever I make my own rice ball!  Usually mummy or popo will make the rice ball in huge amount, then I will have to make them into small portion.  (that's my only job when I have them)
I was trying to make them look like snow flakes... I never eat desert in snow flakes before, but one of my friend said it taste almost the same! =)
Tell you something, the brown colour is actually made from milo!  I add some milo into the rice ball to make more color!!!  Then the yellow color is made from kunyit powder!!! I seriously can't believe that I actually really put other colour by my own style!!! Hopefully nobody will stomachache after the meal. =p
We had this as our lunch, looked nice right~!
I feel it is yummy too!!! =)

For dinner, we had rice ball again with bitter guard.  Alright, I know this is like so irrelevant, but all of us like almost sick already somemore one of my friend already flu and cough!  I think bitter guard with eggs is the best.  

Feel proud of myself, not because of the successful of making all the rice ball but because of celebrating this Winter Solstice.  It is not a very special day but day to remember.  
They didn't really taste like the ready stock that we usually bought from the market but at least I spent that freaking 2 to 3 hours in the kitchen trying my best to do all this and cook everything.  It is not a difficult job at all.  Seriously if you want to eat, you can make yourselves but not waiting others to make for you...  Nothing can stop you from celebrate what you want.  I really do learn about this.  Why wait for others?  I have my own hands and legs.  I even have a mouth!  I can ask if I don't know.  

Once again, Happy Winter Solstice~!

p/s:  please don't think that you are useless.  If people out there don't like you or don't understand you, at least you still have me. =)

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