Monday, December 12, 2011

Life is Unpredicable

I don't what is going on recently, many things happen continuously!

A friend of mine is now currently in hospital.  She was sick before this, normal fever and vomit, but she said she recovered after that.  Suddenly her eyes' ball become yellowish and decided to seek for doctor.  Who knows the doctor asked her to stay in the hospital for further check up.  EYes' ball yellowish is actually one of the symptom of problem in liver.  Therefore it is a very major problem when the organ of your body has problem especially liver.  

As friend (although not very close), we decided to visit her.  Di said she likes to eat KFC and wanted to bring KFC for her, but usually when visiting patient, people don't bring fast food! lol!
So I decided to make a 'Get Well Soon' card for her.  I can do nothing but motivate her to get well. =)
Seriously, I do feel sad when I hear this especially when related to the yellowish eyes, because this remind me of my grandpa who died many years ago due to liver cancer.  His liver can function anymore and turns his eyes' ball and skin yellowish.  He never know that he is actually have liver pain instead of gastric because liver is very close to our stomach and when stomachache, we might thought is gastric but who knows it might be the liver problem.

Health is belong to ourselves, if you are not willing to take care of it, then nobody can.

p/s: get well soon, don't let people around you worry about you dy~ =)

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