Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday = Half Day Work 囧

I never like to work, and when I have to work, I will find those easy job and those that I don't have to spend most of my time with.  Same with this time.  I have to find internship where this is compulsory before we graduate.  I got no choice but find a company which sounds easy and near to my house so I can spend more time on things that I prefer most, cooking.

Today is Saturday, and I'm now sitting in the office doing my stuff (report) and also some designing.  The whole IT department left me alone, because 1 on leave and 1 has his job at 3rd floor and boss not in.  I don't feel it is nice here when I'm alone where I can do my own stuff because nobody around but when it comes to phone call, I only know how to say: Hello, IT department.  Then the caller will ask lots of stuff where I either don't understand at all or I have no idea whether I'm allow to do something they asked for or the caller looking for someone.  wtf.
There are lots of things that I am not used to yet.  I have to get used to quickly and then when someone called or when there are things need IT department, I can go help or I can do it myself!  

I know IT is actually a very wide field and now in most of the IT department in an organization has to cover up most of the maintenance although some of them are not included in IT.  For instance, damage of photostate machine should be repaired by the photostate's machine company, but here IT is like technician, we have to do all those stuff, if really can't do it, then only pass to them.  

So indirectly I actually can learn lots of things just in matter I willing to learn or not, because I'm sure that they are willing to teach. =D  

ps: It is 12pm already, waiting for another hour, then I can go back already!  =D

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