Friday, November 30, 2012

The Awesome Singapore Food

Believe it or not I didn't gain weight this time and I feel so good because I gained weight every freaking time after I come back from Singapore!  Uncle is always so nice bring me to have all super tasty food out there which I don't think I will spend like that or pamper myself like that. wtf.
First day went to Hot Pot Culture at Marina Square.  It is buffet style and I like the food there because you can order food from the kitchen if you want to eat!  I mean order food like maybe Kangkung belacan!  And then you have many choice to choose as your soup for the steamboat!  I like the kimchi soup there.  We spent almost 2 hours plus enjoying the dinner there!  Bravo right!  I definitely will go there again!

On the next morning (thank God that it was Saturday, so auntie doesn't have to work), uncle and auntie brought us to Bugis!  The only place I want to go is Bugis for this time actually because I want to go shopping!
Never eat in this restaurant before.  I know I really kampong, but my hometown don't have and I don't really go KL.  Uncle brought us to have breakfast there since McD was full house.  I like their breakfast menu although there weren't much choice there.  Kindly remind you, if you are not big eater like me, better share with your friend!  Because the portion is really big where I find difficult to finish.  So Full!
This little boy was busy choosing what he wants!  Lol!  So cute!

Friday morning I reached Singapore and the night itself I had steamboat buffet.  Saturday night I had buffet again at Holiday Inn, Singapore due to it was little cousin's one year old birthday.


Sunday afternoon I had home buffet due to my little cousin's relative's (which also me my far relative) full month birth.  I don't know ang mo got celebrate this way or not but we Chinese usually will celebrate when baby is a month year old.  Some of the family open house but some of them only give away red eggs.  Consider I'm lucky I guess cause I got to eat buffet again?! wtf.
Really don't understand why I cannot find a fly on the food but when I attend buffet in Malaysia, flies are all around!  Weird!!!  Their buffet service was very pro!  Look at the sauce provided! (Maybe only my hometown is not this professional la... Me sua gu ma...)

Dinner had Bah Kut Teh at Takashimaya Mall.
Really never know that Singapore's Bah Kut Teh would be so different from Malaysia's!  The taste weird weird to me because I have been eating Malaysia's Bah Kut Teh for so many years and suddenly tried their Bah Kut Teh, feel weird...  But the Bah Kut Teh there still nice just don't have the strong herbs like we have in Malaysia!  They have white soup but we don't have, we have black soup but they don't have!  Lol!

On the night before going back to Malaysia, I went to Bosses Restaurant in Vivo City Mall (I went to this mall before in the last trip to Singapore, nah... Here!) to had dinner.
Seriously I got one moment thought I was Dai Jie Dai like you usually watch in drama or movie who got so many leng who serve you!  They served everything!  I mean as in you went to yam for Chinese wedding like that, of course la we have to pay them for that!  Lol!  (Money really serves everything!)

I should bring hak ciu that day so I can pretend like I'm Dai Kar Jie there, but since can't pretend to be one, I rather don't take any picture and keep enjoy eating. wtf.

Okay now look back to the first sentence of the post!  Feel proud of me right!?  Because I didn't get to gain weight after I took all such delicious and fattening food.  Hahahaha!

ps: I think it is better to put this under November~ =p

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