Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Last Shopping Before Chinese New Year

I think it is the last shopping before Chinese New Year. Actually I wanted to buy some new earring and maybe a necklace. But at last I bought myself a dress.

I went to shopping with Phui Yoke this time, she keep helping me to find dress and she totally almost forget about her own...

I know that I am a person who do not like to wear dress or skirt, but this time I really buy it liao. I really can't believe it too, because the length of the dress is above my knee (I do not know it consider short or long) and it is expensive too!!!

Before I buy that I was thinking so many times whether I want to buy it or not. If I didn't buy just now I'm sure I'll regret why I didn't buy. But now I but liao, I feel that my purse is crying and I totally lack of vitamin M.

Beside buy my own thing, I also represent my friends to buy something to my friend too. LOl, friend, friend, friend....

Btw, the drees is in purple colour, I like it, but I scare I will just wear it for one time. I hope not!!!

1 comment:

  1. s0 nice get t0 sh0pping yea~~
    i din sh0p f0r new year os0 le!!!!
    wuwuwuwux~~~~ xD