Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh no! Not now!!!

Of course Not now!!! I do not want it to happen now!!! Why? Because New Year is coming lo. New Year is very very near, and it is only less than a week left to say hello to Chinese New Year.

I never thing that I will get sick before Chinese New Year. I think it happens because I didn't drink lots of water when I was teaching in the morning and at night. Some more the smell of the white board ink. Now I really understand a feeling of a tuition teacher and a teacher. They really suffer a lot in teaching especially in school and tuition when they are using the white board marker.

I had choose not to talk much when I am teaching today. But it is difficult la. I never think that it is that difficult not to talk when teaching in front of the students. I slept in the classroom today in the evening when my standard 5 students is doing their homework. They are kind enough too because they didn't make me talk loudly and they make no sound and noise when I was resting.

I hope that my flu and cough will go to another planet and will find me in the next century. I want to have a very happy, and can eat anything that I like in Chinese New Year. I want to celebrate my Chinese New Year with a healthy body.

Pray for me!!! God bless me!


  1. 噢噢,替你感到悲哀 = =

    actually i always got sore throat before going to penang... but i still eat everything!

    以毒攻毒! dun care!


  2. They took a picture of you when you were sleeping and they showed it to their parents! They tried hard to hold their laughter. Haha!